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Mobile Marketing for Custom Home Builders

How many new clients did you speak with last month?

Are you recognized as an Essex County Builder of choice within the community?

Do you want an easy, low cost way to attract more clients?

 Experience A Lead Generation Breakthrough Using Our Highly Effective Two Step Premium “Done For You” Mobile Marketing System!

Mobile Marketing is the wave of technology hitting right now and the Essex County Custom Home Builders that capitalize on this trend will ride that wave all the way to the bank.

We work with Essex County Custom Home Builders just like you, to provide them with the technology to get interested leads sent instantly and directly to their cellphones.

PLUS: Our Premium – Done for You Service is fully guaranteed,
you will see results or your money back.

Do you have a website? Were you promised it would increase your sales?

Do you have a mobile website? Do you even need a mobile website?

The answer is yes, a mobile site is a “must have” these days!

“In this day and age your prospect craves instant
information that can only be provided via mobile”

 Consider this:

    • 270 Million Text Messages are sent per day by Canadians
    • 50% of all mobile users in Canada now own smartphones.
    • Among 18- to 34-year-olds, that number jumps to almost 70%
    • 90% of Texts are read within the first 15 minutes of receiving them 

      Unlike email…Text messages are not routed to a junk or spam file

Having a mobile version of your website is only half the puzzle in today’s competitive environment. Combining a mobile site with the power of an automated mobile text campaign, unleashes the true power of mobile marketing.

If you want to grow your sales and get more leads than your competitors, while giving your prospects the information they want automatically on their cellphones, then now is the time to take advantage of mobile marketing.

Let us show you how to utilize the full, potential of mobile marketing.

Gain a HUGE ADVANTAGE over your competition by implementing this lead generation marketing system right away.

 Contact Us Today for your Free, No Obligation Consultation!

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Working with Essex County Custom Home Builders just like you to get them interested leads sent directly to their cellphone in real time. We offer a Premium, Done for You Service. Fully Guaranteed Results or your money back!!

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